When Marcus Sheridan Speaks, the Audience is Everything

Selecting a keynote speaker for your event isn’t easy. That’s why Marcus has a core promise he keeps for every speaking engagement —the audience is everything.

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The audience is everything” means every presentation, message, and question will be designed with your audience in mind. Any speaker can get a laugh out of an audience, and many may even inspire. Few, however, induce true and lasting action, takeaways, and results. Marcus’ ability to do just that is what makes him unique.


What Past Audiences Say About Marcus

“Marcus absolutely connected with our audience. He has a gift for delivering information in a direct, humorous and relatable way. He made a huge impact on our attendees. He spoke to the agents in their own language and held them accountable for the things they’re not doing that they should, but did it with humor and compassion so it didn’t come across as judgmental. Marcus exceeded our expectations and helped set the tone for our entire event.”
Becky Taylor
Becky Taylor
Ohio Insurance Agents IACON
“People were raving and saying that it was by far the best conference and meeting that they have ever attended and it was a real game-changer in terms of inspiring them … The combination of what you do as a thought leader, combined with the personalization and customization that you took the time to do and your dedication, made it just such an impactful day.”
Shoshana Price
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Whirlpool Corporation
“With any conference having the right mix of speakers is critical. You need people who are knowledgeable, dynamic and engaging. Marcus is all of those things and more. He was the most talked and tweeted about speaker for the day and left the audience buzzing for more. His ability to captivate an audience is truly remarkable.”
Pat Lemieux
Events Producer
“Marcus Sheridan speaks with unrivaled passion and authority. He has a masterful understanding of the challenges and opportunities for small businesses in the digital age. His presentations are motivating and insightful, and he leaves audiences with clear, actionable takeaways to improve their businesses. A world-class thought leader.”
Zach Phillips
Director of Professional Development, NAMM
“During the entire session, I felt as though Marcus was sitting across the table from me – relating to everything I deal with on a daily basis. It was both rejuvenating and inspiring. I was taking photos of slides and texting with my boss the entire time. I even recall asking, ‘Can I take him back with me?’”
Jennifer Smith
Saint-Gobain Abrasives

    Marcus’s Style

    Approachable Straight-Talker

    Marcus tells his audiences exactly what they need to hear in a way that is simple, memorable, and jargon-free, so everyone can fully wrap their arms around the big ideas he shares.

    Powerful Audience Interaction

    During his talks, Marcus often walks into the audience, asks questions, and gets to know attendees by name. Audiences say this is when the most memorable interactions occur.

    Sincere & Electric Energy

    Marcus has boundless, infectious energy. It’s a genuine byproduct of how the principles he teaches have dramatically impacted his own life, and your audience will feel it.

    Inspiring Rollercoaster of Emotions

    As the great Jim Rohn once said, “Take me high, take me low, but take me.” Whether it’s laugh-out-loud humor or emotional reflections, your audience will take a ride with Marcus.

    Marcus’ Most Popular Talks

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    We’re All Media Companies: 7 Steps To Creating a World-class Digital Culture Within Your Organization

    The digital buyer of today has changed business as we know it. With such rapid change, many organizations are being left behind. In this powerful keynote, attendees will learn how to get buy-in from top to bottom on creating a digital culture, understand the relationship between textual/video content and how it impacts the sales process, and see a step-by-step framework of creating a digital culture that involves all departments and gets results.

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    Letting Go of “The Way It Has Always Been Done”

    Which businesses are leading their industry in this new, digital world we’re all a part of? Clearly, it’s not the companies who insist on “doing it the way it has always been done.” In this inspiring talk, Marcus Sheridan shows powerful examples of companies that are reinventing their space and breaking all the “traditional” rules of business, and how they are having dramatic results in the process.

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    The Business of Trust

    With the information age in full swing, brands can no longer expect traditional methods to win customer interest and loyalty. One of the essential keys to gaining the trust of today’s digital consumer is by becoming their go-to source for helpful information. The businesses and brands that can do this better than anyone in their space can, literally, become the Wikipedia of their industry and ultimately gain the consumer’s trust AND an incredible amount of market-share in the process.

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    The Future of Sales and Marketing: How To Eliminate Silos and Get Incredible Results

    For years, businesses and brands have been able to get by with a massive silo effect existing between sales and marketing departments. But today, times have changed, and because marketing teams have such a significant impact on the buying process, companies must do whatever it takes to eliminate these silos and leverage both departments to engage today’s digital consumer and get the results they’re looking for. In this talk, Marcus Sheridan shows exactly how other companies, in diverse industries, have managed to eliminate these silos, ultimately having a major impact on the company brand, business, and bottom line.

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